So glad that you have chosen Seaprints Photography to capture the emotion, drama and beauty of those special times in you and your families lives.

My first commercial pictures were sort of a fluke. It was 1986 and I was working for PFI, on the F/V Marine View in Seymour Canal for the herring fishery. It was one of those grey Alaskan days and a tsunami warning came over the radio. It was a little unnerving. A couple of Fish and Game biologists came to the boat and asked us if we wanted to go whale watching. Leaving the security of the over 80 foot vessel to head out on that gloomy day in a 16" skiff during a tsunami warning did not seem the best plan. Let me grab my camera.... it was such an amazing experience. The humpbacks were bubble feeding and swimming so close that their flukes almost touched our boat. As you may have guessed, we did not experience a tidal wave that day, but I was hooked on taking pictures from that day forward.

My attention remained on scenery and wildlife until the birth of my son in 1996. From that point forward I have been privileged to help record many of the important times in peoples lives.

The art of photography has remained the same, however the equipment and forms have changed to digital and everything that entails. There has never been as many options and possibilities as we currently have today. Enjoy these images and remember that I will be happy to customize any products or pictures. If you have an idea, simply ask, the sky and your budget are the limit.

Tanya Somerville